Monday, 5 September 2016

Packed lunch

Packed lunch  05.09.16

Im not one to post pictures of food but after yesterday's whinge think i need to remind myself that i feed myself well and acknowledge the good food im preparing myself.

7 am woken by the bloomin dog barking in the yard. 7.30am and in the middle of trying trainline and all the scandinavian train sites again to no avail, up pops a fb message from Tracy. Very welcome, thanks pal. I find a link where trainline want fb communication so having had my 'contact us ' form ignored since sunday i post on their fb page and hope for some news on ticket purchase by the time i return home today.

I then ask google why i should go to Goteborg and it says cos the guardian said so in 2015.

The guardian gave me Aarhus and that was fun for a few days so ill go with it again. I send a message to Rebecka, she couchsurfed with me ten years ago and we hit it right off, asking whether she is clear about the practicalities of my invite. And theres Tom, a great english lad i met in Nolsoy, who is at uni there. sod the money, ill go.

Feeling much more content that i at least have a decision, i scavenge the fridge to make lunch for two days. I have two trips planned, one island hopping and the other a rural bike ride. I dont care which i do when so will see what time im ready this morning. 

Feta, tomato, parsley, orange pepper and lemon juice salad with boiled egg, corn on the cob and some spinach and ricotta tortillini (netto not lidl on principle!) bathed in black olive tapenade. Now who would want to eat out when i can do this? Oh and there'll be slices of watermelon to go with it.

The sun is shining, another beautiful day xx