Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Belonging 02.08.16

Where do plans begin and end, how and when do acquaintances become friends? I feel i have been adopted here in this village and it is a good base to set myself for the recording of my Australian journals. Dictating them is less practical than i envisaged, the battery wears down quickly whereas i can type for hours with little noticeable effect.

The day has been bright and sunny, dare i even say too hot? My iPad claimed it was so, told me it needed to cool down before it would function again. I sat on the balcony enjoying the sun and wonder how iPads fare in hot climes or perhaps it was the content i was typing that heated it up! I gave it time out and shade, appreciated it telling me it was too warm although think i already knew that.

My day has progressed slowly yet i have accomplished much. My walking has been minimal and i need to address that. I have shopped and made a wondrously tasty vegetable curry. I have made inroads into my journals and have a travel plan. My ticket is booked for moving on to Denmark and my first three nights booked in Skagen when i do so. Watching the currents of the Kattegat and Skagerrak meet was a brief but wondrous sight many years ago. The sand dunes along the far north of Jutland are the size of houses, and stretch for miles. i have often thought about going to explore. My airbnb host is lending me a bicycle. Sufficient planning for now. I am in a totally different place, content, with a sense of purpose and a sense of time. 

I have just swum appreciating my neoprene bootees, goggles and swim hat but it is nevertheless still too cold for prolonged freestyle, my forehead burns with the cold. I hope to adapt. I missed an invitation to walk to the puffin colony today and as im no longer travelling, have switched notifications back on for messenger, so i do not miss similar in future. i no longer need to fret about battery running low. 

Tomorrow, there are plans afoot to help with haymaking and i have been invited to the planning meeting for the festival in my final weekend here. I need to be careful not to get over involved, to maintain a balance and stay focussed on my writing. I was pleased this evening both to be invited for a cuppa but also to turn it down and to turn down the pub with housemates. My purpose here now is to record.

I smile as i read the words i wrote in  Australia, how i experienced similar personal responses when wwoofing as i just have with workaway. I am in bed, fully clothed but struggling to warm after my swim. The water felt particularly cold this evening, the tide was high. Perhaps low tide is warmer as the water has been warmed in the harbour.

There are lessons i don't seem to learn. Lessons i said i might learn from in Australia yet find myself making the same mistakes. Habits are hard to break