Monday, 8 August 2016


Cornwall 08.08.16

Ohmygoodness........ Facebook is an amazing tool when you use it that way. I have connected with a textile artist in cornwall i like the sound of.

I've always rather fancied living in cornwall for a stretch and i find a number of self contained cabins, caravans, studios, on Airbnb, a bit like my garden house. Winter rental works generally out around fifteen pounds a night. Maybe ill take a month here a month there, who knows. Having shifted myself from my commitments i am free to go anywhere, i could just live on the road, moving from place to place, a month here a month there, travel around the uk. 

Life is so fill of possibilities when we free ourselves from daily expectations.

My heart nearly stopped this morning. Looking out onto the rough rough seas, watching the waves crash on the rocks, i turn my glance to the little harbour. The little fishing boat that sits in the middle of the harbour is gone! I wait for it to emerge from the waves but the harbour is relatively calm. I am told it signifies summer but how can it be gone so soon. Perhaps it has been moved for safety in the rough weather. It is my swimming aid. Every day, while the  ladies pootle close to shore i swim out to the boat and will be lost without it.

I walk down to the shop to buy food and find it was just hiding in the swell after all. Never have i been so pleased to see a little toy boat xx