Thursday, 14 July 2016

Another Never Ending Day

Another Never Ending Day 14.07

It is one of those days that seems to stretch for an eternity with good things happening. I try to work out how long I've been here and discover I only arrived last evening, it doesn't seem possible.

Soon after noon I step out for the day, go to the tourist office to find out enquire about the helicopter and check if I need to book thevbus to pick me up for my early ferry on sunday. The office closes from noon until one so I wonder into a clothes shop selling everything from shoes to traditional costume and school stationary to jewellery. I see items marked for sale, find a very fine denim smock that I like, but it doesn't quite fit. All garments it are 50% off, I look for something for Poppy or Edward but just discover Frozen and Minions

I come across the swimming pool, read the opening times and am surprised to find that it is free. I find the pharmacy, a gym, an ATM and a bakery with a salad bar, I think this will be my lunch tomorrow. Just as last night, people are chatty, they say hello, cars stop regardless of whether there's a crossing if they see me waiting to cross the road. I feel very comfortable.

I return to the tourist office to wait. A young woman is there before me, I say hi and she replies but doesn't seem keen to talk. One after another, she pulls something from a bag and eats it, sweets perhaps or the churro like doughnut things I have seen? When the office opens she asks about busses and then about tours. I listen in, she is German and staying at another guest house, but just like me, says she is there alone. She wants to book a tour and the assistant asks if I do too, I'm interested, I say but hitching is easy so it would depend on the price. The German girl says hitching is not safe but adds, I suppose it's a bit different from home. 

Another assistant arrives and I'm now asking about music or happenings and discover a pub quiz in the harbour pub on Saturday night, I smile and say I couldn't understand the questions but the assistant says, you should go. The German girl wants to go to the museum, would I be going as well I am asked. The museum had not been on my agenda but befriending another traveller would be useful so I say yes. A call is made and she is offered 5.30 pm which she declines and walks away, seemingly  uninterested in further conversation or contact. I think it may have been my reference to hitching that lost me a buddy.

I get very excited about the potential of a helicopter trip and try to book one for tomorrow, taking me to over or actually to, the small islands of Stóra Dímun, Skúvoy, Sandoy and back to Tórshavn where I would just jump on a ferry to return. Travel is very cheap and with half price for pensioners, this forty minute trip would cost just ten pounds. I am both disappointed and relieved that the helicopter is full as I don't really want to be rushing around tomorrow. I'm liking the feeling at home I have here and want to explore my locality, but I bear it in mind for future planning.

I then ask about women's groups, stitching or knitting groups, as I do all over the world but as yet, without success in the Faroes. I am told of a women's political group but I suggest it inappropriate because of the language barrier and the assistant agrees. Then she tells me there is night school in weaving and I get excited, where is it, when is it? I say I am a weaver, that I use rag and yarn to create vibrant surfaces. I now have their interest. We discuss looms and they show photos of cloth they are weaving. Disappointingly, night school only happens in the winter but one of them has a key and sometimes they go to the weaving shed to work. I am very interested, make appreciative noises and hope for an invitation. I think the older woman thinks to invite me but waits for the younger woman, who says nothing. I say it has been lovely talking with them and maybe I will return in the winter to go to weaving school. I might just be a little serious. 

I walk the harbour pondering my options for some time. I find the pub where the quiz will be on Saturday and suddenly realise I am very hungry, it is 2.30pm. I treat myself to my first ice cream and go home to make risotto. That's when I meet Heidi sunning herself in the garden, we talk at some length and my plotting begins.

It is now nearly midnight, the light is drawing in, it is getting dark! There is much from today that I have not yet touched upon. My walk up the mountain, contact from Wisconsin, from the writer of the hay article, my decision to book another two nights on this island.  I will return after Nolsoy, rather than rush back to Midvagur. Two more nights here will mean an easy few days exploring this end of the island and I can return by helicopter to go south. The helicopter website says it has spaces. I try to ring to book a guest house at the other end of the island but my phone seems to be refusing, again. I send an email and hope that in the morning the helicopter will still have room.

As I write that I fret, what if the seats are gone in the morning? I recheck the booking page and gulp. Instead of the five available seats earlier, there is now only one left. I decide to book it quickly. 

Just before I press confirm, I read through the details carefully. Whoops, I'm trying to book the wrong leg of the journey, I want to come, not go! I start my search again, it's still showing five spaces for my desired trip but I book anyway. One fright for the day is enough! 

So now I need to find myself accommodation tomorrow, Heidi has family staying here. Nice little challenge, I might have to go to the tourist office and see if they can help me, I do wish I had pictures of my weaving.


Variable, mainly southwesterly, 3 or 4, backing southeasterly 5 to 7 later.
Sea state
Slight or moderate, becoming moderate or rough later in south.
Rain later.
Good, becoming moderate or poor later.