Saturday, 23 July 2016

Eg komi

Eg komi  23.07.16

It is saturday morning and i am excited to be going swimming. Carefully timed to avoid the rush of visitors who will arrive on the ferry in an hours time. The harbour where we swim is the centre of the village and we try not to attract too much attention.

I looked on FB and saw a post 'eg ateli maer í morgun árini 10.30' someone replies adding an unhappy face and i reply eg kumi. It looks right, it sounds right, others posted the same words last week but then i become anxious for i think ann-mari, the poster, told me last week she was going away on holiday. I reply again, in english to check i have understood. I have. I wish i hadnt doubted.

Later, i have an invitation to go to the outfield. I understand that the village is known as the homefield and all land outside the village, the outfield. The day is grey and raining.