Tuesday, 12 July 2016

One for Susie

One for Susie 12.07

Hey girl, how our lives change. I was the one with the kids and you were the wild rover!

I've never complained about you getting me to Oz under false pretences, mattress in the back of the ute, up the west coast and all that, but I'm pleased you did. It was a life changing experience for me, both good and bad, but you know that already.

I kinda wish you were free now but maybe in ten years or so when Alex has left home and we are not quite decrepit we could do that trip? Waddyer reckon? Doesn't have to be the west coast of course, I could take you to check up on my buddies mark and andy in the Danetree, we could hook up with the camels and follow them for a season, you could take me deep into aboriginal territory, further than I could ever go alone.

Whatever pal, I know how you hate the internet and electronic gadgets but I was SO pleased this morning to see you are in so hope you are reading and thought id write to you. I hope my rambling words might mean something to you in terms of my wanderings and torments when over there. Mostly, though, I hope you read this post if nothing else.

I think I'm going to take myself to a hideaway somewhere with all my Aussie journals when I get home.  I just want to remember the bits I've forgotten and to be able to hold it all, even though there's far too much for anyone to hold. And maybe I'd like to turn it into some thing that my grandchildren might be able to read and say, hey, yeah, that was my Meema xx

One of the greatest compliments I've had as a parent was something Nicola said, when others were choosing a gap year but she was moving on to a PhD. She said, the thing is, I know I can do anything in my life that I want to, whenever I want to, you have shown me that. 

Susie I would never have had that year were it not for you. You changed my life girl and I thank you for doing so. Let me know if you might be free any time.

T xx